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In addition to writing, Laura loves to knit, sew, crotchet, and cook and bake. She binge watches documentaries, TED talks, and TV (entire seasons at once). She likes Bollywood very much, and she adores Korean Drama and German Fairy Tales.

She's good at some things. People rave over her cheesecake and her homemade bread. She isn't so good at other things. She plays the piano and sings. Both of which she does badly but with great enthusiasm.

The happiest day that Laura can envision starts with hot coffee and a morning run. Her husband has the day off. Pancakes are breakfast, and a salad is lunch. This salad has tons of grated cheese, croutons, and nuts, and avocado (or grilled chicken or fish), yet it still manages to remain low-cal. Dinner is cozy and informal --but it should at least take place at the table. All technology is banished to shelf and cupboard, and people look at each other and talk about everything interesting in the whole wide world.

Laura doesn't wait until the last minute to say her Rosary while washing the dinner dishes on this day. Rather, sometime before the day is almost over, she is able to contemplate restfully and meditatively through her prayers.

This day, as on all days, Laura spends much of her time caring for her mother. Laura's mother is amazing woman. She may not remember her own name or her relationship to her daughter, but she always has a ready smile that lights up her eyes. On a perfect day, she shines these smiles on her daughter all day long.

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